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Wizard based and super easy to use ost to pst converter. Just few clicks of matter.

Accurate conversion

100% accurate and fast ost to pst conversion. No data loss, safe and secure tool to convert.

Recover everything

Recover all data inside OST data file to PSt and other file formats.

Convert & Recover

Convert OST to PST, MBOX file, EML file, Apple Mail, Postbox and Mozilla Thunderbird.

OST Extractor Pro

Available for both Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

Get it to convert ost to pst and other file formats using the OST to PST Converter.

OST to PST Converter Tool

Looking to convert OST to PST? This article discusses the best conversion tool for that purpose, called "OST Extractor Pro"

Each section below goes into some detail as to what the tool is equipped with and why it matters in this file conversion process. By the end of the post, you will be confident that it is indeed the solution that you were looking for.

Developed by USL Software, it is also available in a free trial version that you can download right now.

Now, let's see what are all the unique functionality that it holds:

Accurate and Powerful Logic

OST to PST conversion requires dedicated and ultimate logic to take care different sort of data items inside these files. OST and PST are email data files used by Outlook and can contain a byzantine of information types that are not easy to convert through simple algorithms.

This is where the ost to pst converter tool comes in and gives you a perfect opportunity to convert files cleanly.

The tool has dedicated spots in its algorithms that points right to the complex items individually, scan the files in layers so that nothing is missed, and outputs a really precise PST files. These files would contain everything that was stored in OST.

Elementary Interface That Simplifies the Process

The UI can be the most important feature of any software application. But in case of email migration tools, this is the most neglected aspect.

The OST to PST Converter tool changes that. Through original design of the UI and meticulously placing each element into the space.

The tool makes it possible for even the least experienced (or none experienced) user to make use of the tool's advanced logic to convert files with precision. The interface is basic and intuitive and can be interacted without any kind of technical grasp on the process.

Converts Files in Bulk

This may not apply to everyone, but it is nevertheless a priceless feature that the traditions tools have always suffered with.

If you have plenty of OST files to convert that are also massive in their sizes, you are going to face problems anywhere else. But with 'this ost to pst converter tool, it becomes too easy to just load the entire folder containing all those OST files and get them converted in a single attempt. No need to individually load files.

Converts OST to Lot More Other Formats Than Just PST

The OST to PST converter extends its functionality than just OST to PST conversion.

It offers output formats like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, and EML. This is particular an instrumental feature for Mac users who can hardly find a tool that can convert OST to Mac based email clients. Now with the ost to pst conversion tool, they don't have to worry about it.

Available in several pricing deals

The OST to PST Converter Tool can be used in different settings, from a personal use, to a small scale company, to a large corporation. There are flexible pricing deals for different needs, allowing users to pay exactly for what they need. There's no difference in the accuracy and features between the deals, the only difference is in the number of machines can one install the tool at.

And there's a free trial setup as well that you can download right now and start using in the next two minutes or less.

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  • 5
    Excellent OST to PST converter tool. One of the best tool! OST Extractor Pro is exactly what I was looking for. Very easy to use.
    MN, United States
  • 5
    OST Extractor Pro is worth much more than I paid. This is the best and the best part is available for both Windows OST & Mac OS and convert ost to other files formats as well. Done well.
  • 5
    Awesome!!! Recover everything smoothly. Perfect software for converting ost to pst. Highly Recommended.
    Milan, Italy
  • 5
    OST Extractor Pro is my best choice! Converted 12 GB of OST file, recover and convert everything without losing a bit of data.
    TX, United States